50 Ways To Love Life

Life’s simple pleasures are often swept away with such busy and hurried lives. Stress, being the captain that rules most things, can easily talk us out of doing the things that we really want to do. It seems that we’re so often distracted by pressures like body image, family, career and financial stress that the love affair life wants us to have can go unmet and malnourished. The greatest gift you can give this life is your joy and expressed soul < click to tweet > Tuning in and turning on to the pleasures life offers doesn’t have to cost… Continue Reading

5 Tips To Eating What You Want Without Gaining Weight

Eating what you want without gaining weight seems impossible, right? I’d like to disagree if the way in which you’re eating has been looked at and upgraded. Let me explain… Often, so much emphasis is placed on the diet/deprivation mentality as a way to lose weight or keep within a desired weight. What to eat often trumps any ideas of how to eat, and yet the how is such a key piece to the puzzle. With body image (most specifically weight loss) be the most talked about, thought about and pursued act for a woman, I thought I’d share some… Continue Reading

40 Simple Ways to Fall in Love with Life

Life is full of so much goodness, yet with stress, distractions and all the other things pulling on our time and energy, it’s easy to fall out of love. Here’s a list of simple things to bring you back to life so you can fall in love over and over again. 1. Breakfast in bed 2. Picnics indoors or out 3. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect 4. Compliment strangers 5. Say I love you and mean it 6. The perfect shade of lipstick 7. Waking up at dawn 8. Motorcycle rides through the countryside 9. Hand written notes… Continue Reading

Simple Spring Reboot

Ashley Paquin.

Spring is a great time to hit the reset button. With the winter holiday season well behind us, spring is on it’s way to welcome warmer days, bright green buds and beautiful blossoms. The upcoming season is nature’s New Year, so I want to offer you some simple food and lifestyle suggestions to give you that healthy reboot (and some hope for enduring the tail-end of cold!) as you shed your winter coat. Hop over to Darling Magazine to read the full article on their blog. Are there any tips that you want to include on the list? I’d love to hear! xo-

Rituals for the Modern Woman

Ashley Paquin

As women, much of how we act or react is simply in response to situations, people or things. With that said, what if we can put more intention and thought behind our actions as a way to create a life we love, and so by having more of what we want? This is the magic of what I call creating an extraordinary life. And because the idea of creating an extraordinary life is one that just rocks my world, I decided to join forces with Darling Magazine to write about it. The article is simple, yet a start to creating… Continue Reading