As a coach and mindfulness teacher, I work with women and men all over the world.


I believe that coiled deep within is a innate programming for greatness. Just like seeds know how to become trees, and embryos know how to become babies, we carry the same programming. Yet, as humans we have very powerful brains that stops us from doing what we need to do and it probably sounds like, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, affluent enough, confident enough, clear enough….”.

As a coach, I work with clients to help them find the deepest freedom from these fears and limiting beliefs. I help welcome you back home to yourself so you can finally become the person you’re searching for.

My passion is to continue building a global network of mindful, mission-driven and kind people all looking for the same things – freedom, joy, success and each other. Because of this I co-founded a movement of people working towards positive change called Evident Impact. 

This is my life’s work and I’m committed to maximum positive impact.

My Story

Growing up in Miami instilled a strong passion, curiosity and desire to always have a pulse on life. My obsession with color, beauty and art runs in my genes as my father worked in the world of interior design. I come from a lineage of French artists, tapestry weavers and printmakers.

My insatiable desire for culture, travel and adventuring is real.

In college, I studied International Studies with a minor in Spanish because I knew I wanted what was out there. While in university, I had the most severe case of vertigo doctors had seen on this side of the Mississippi. I was bedridden for three months with what felt like whirling dervishes drunk on 100 cases of champagne. This changed everything.

Unfortunately (or not), I found my way to coaching through illness and adversity in 2011. It was during that time I really started to ask myself what my purpose was, what I was doing with my life and how I was going to get there, because I was done with the agony of not knowing. Vertigo, coupled with a near-death bike accident that same year (yes- a broken clavicle and cheek), are what set me on my path. It was the catalyst and spark to everything.

To make the story more interesting, my whole maternal line is intuitive and I swore most my life that this gene skipped me.

Until 2014.

Over the last few years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time stand up paddleboarding in some of the most beautiful country. It was this sport that invited a deeply profound awakening that completely changed my life, again. This awakening is where intuition clicked ON.

Spending hours alone in nature is where I slowed down. It’s where I really started to hear and listen. It’s where I finally learned how to trust myself and the knowing. I say this because as a client, or prospective client, it’s good for you to know that this intuition is the force behind what I do. This knowing is grounded, clear and what helps clients make the most profound shifts forward. I don’t know how I know the incredible information I do, but I’m at the point in the journey where I no longer doubt. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who confirm the gift and it only continues to get sharper and clearer. Thankfully.

What that means for you is that I quickly help you access the deepest place of healing which allows for true freedom, joy and success. I help welcome you back home to yourself. I help you turn what you feel victimized by into empowered thought and action, and things start to click. We tend to the inner world (thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, etc) so you’re better equipped to manage your outer world (relationships, bank account, physical health, career moves, etc.). In doing so, everything shifts for the better. You are wiser, stronger and more capable to make/create/do/be better.


Because the world needs your fullest expression, not a diluted version of you.
Because the world needs the gift only you can give.
Because the world needs more love, not less.
Because the world needs the hustlers doing the good work.
Because now is the time.
Because you’re not meant to do it alone.
Because something deep within you wants to feel free, joyful, purposeful and successful.
Because you’re here to do big work and need support so you can keep showing up.


My coaching is similar to a triangle:

The Foundation is Intuition
This is where the gift of knowing comes through. It’s clear, concise and exactly what you want and need.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
I believe NLP is the most effective and forward thinking method to changing negative habits, limiting beliefs and patterns. Our mindset determines our ultimate success and as a soon-to-be master practitioner of NLP, I’m obsessed with how the brain and belief system works together. NLP has been called the art and science of excellence, and is like having a user’s manual for the brain.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention with kindness and curiosity. We’ll use meditation as a tool to help develop more mindfulness so you’re more loving and kind to yourself and others. I teach both the science and spirit of meditation, and you’ll learn practical tools to transform stress, overwhelm and anxiety into grace and ease. I’ve completed the Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness and Leadership Program which is the mindfulness and leadership training born at Google. And because I’m so committed to the practice, I completed my tenth 5-day meditation retreat in the fall of 2017, and booked another one for spring 2018. 

This is the glue to hold it all together. Adventuring is becoming more and more a part of the work as I lead workshops and gatherings around the globe. At heart, I am an explorer and find that the work integrates more deeply when we’re not stuck in a conference room, but sitting around a candlelit table sharing food and stories. Adventure, enchantment and wonder are not only fun, but what helps get people out of their ruts and daily routines. Our time together will reinvigorate the senses, and deepen one’s sense of self in the world.


When I’m not coaching, you can find me wandering deep in the forest, SUPing on hidden mountain lakes or hustling as a co-founder to this movement called Evident Impact. 

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