Success for Body, Heart and Mind

Retreat + 3 Month Coaching Experience

October 4 – 7 2018 

Zürich, Switzerland 

Whole Woman

Whole Woman is a holistic wellness retreat followed by 3-months of group coaching designed to help busy women feel healthy, happy and calm again.

When women have a healthy foundation, further success is possible in her personal and professional life. This retreat and follow-up group coaching are right for you if you’re ready to trade stress, anxiety and overwhelm for healthier and more powerful choices.

The Experiences

EXPERIENCE ONE: A luxury retreat for busy women in the heart of Zurich.

The Atlantis is our host for three days of movement, meditation, nourishing food, powerful conversation and experiences all designed for success in body, heart and mind. This retreat unites a luxurious five-star hotel with the beautiful and peaceful location of the Üetliberg mountain. Your senses will come alive as this retreat will be a true oasis.

EXPERIENCE TWO: 3-months of coaching, support and Masterclasses after the retreat with Janna, Zoe and Ashley (your retreat hosts) to ensure your success.

The work we’ll do together will include these 3 pillars of transformation:

The Three Pillars


You’ll recover from the Rush Women’s Syndrome that so many face: stress, overwhelm, anxiety and a feeling of being burned out.  Topics you’ll learn: stress and its effects, wellness routines right for you, the delicate/critical balance of hormones and nourishing self-care practices.


You’ll become the woman you really want to become- free, joyful, happy, clear and inspired. Topics you’ll learn: freedom, how to transform any fear, why meditation and mindfulness are critical for success, how to trust more and feel worthy enough. 


You’ll have the opportunity to step away from your busy life to start laying a new foundation for professional growth while connecting to your deeper purpose.. Topics you’ll learn: how to work mindfully so you’re not overwhelmed, focused productivity, organization, time management and goals.

Benefits of these life-changing experiences

  • Reinvigorate your senses by spending days at the immensely beautiful The Atlantis 
  • Clarify what success looks like for you through the lenses of body, heart and mind  
  • Develop a wellness routine and mindfulness practice that’s sustainable and enjoyable
  • Trade overwhelm and anxiety for focus, clarity and inspired productivity
  • Identify the root causes of your stress and start to set new habits and patterns of calm and ease into place
  • Create clear goals during the retreat. We’ll help you execute these during the 3-month coaching program
  • Join a wonderful global community of women so you no longer feel alone

Working with Zoë has brought structure and clarity.

For the past year I have been living my dream of running my own yoga studio. It’s been an amazing experience but balancing the variety of tasks across business work and teaching means I have experienced complexity and disorganization. Working with Zoë brought structure and clarity to all my tasks and laid the foundation for taking these planning skills into my studio’s second year of successful business! Big thank you Zoë!!

Vivianne Jespers : Owner of YogaCulture | Zurich

Janna, yoga and Ayurveda completely changed my life.

I had become spiritless, lustless and chubby from junk food and amoebas. There was much more going on inside my body, mind and heart than I was comfortable with. With Janna’s understanding, knowledge and guidance, I now understand what I need which makes life SO much easier. I now am able to listen to my body, figure out what the “issue” is, and how to nourish it in order for it to heal. Thank you!

Monique Heuberger | Zurich 


The retreat and coaching experience are right for some, and not right for others. This is right for you if you’re a passionate and professional woman who wants a deeper understanding of what success looks like for you, and a clear path to make happen. This is right for you if you desire to live a healthier and happier life. This is right for you if you’re looking for practical and life-changing tools from experts to help set a new foundation for success.

This is not right for you if you’d rather complain than do the work. This is not right for you if you’re fine feeling stuck and in the same spot this time next year. This is not right for you if you’d rather feel unhealthy and trapped in old patterns.

What’s included in your experiences

  • The Whole Woman retreat is hosted by three experts (a doctor, life coach and business coach) who will share ideas and knowledge as to what success is and how it’s totally possible for you | Value: 9000€
  • This retreat is welcoming only 21 women so the experience is intimate and your questions will be answered | Value: priceless
  • Three days of teaching, conversations, coaching and experiences all designed with you in mind | Value: 9000€
  • A global community of women from all over the world that are kind and supportive. We will have fun and laugh! | Value: Priceless
  • Yoga classes, meditations and gourmet Ayurvedic meals prepared by The Atlantis | Value: 2000€
  • A private Facebook group to stay connected to your new friends around the world | Value: Priceless
  • 3 months of group coaching after the retreat with Janna, Ashley and Zoe to turn your inspiration into action | Value 4500€


Along with the retreat, your investment also includes the 3-month post retreat group coaching program with Janna, Ashley and Zoë. Why this? Well, we believe accountability is the #1 key for success.

How many times have you gone on retreat to fill up with ideas, inspiration and goals only to fall flat on your face when you get home? Ugh. We get it. As both retreat leaders and attendees, we’ve experienced the same thing which is why we created this program.

The 3-Month group coaching experience includes (we will also explain this in detail at the retreat):

  • 3 months with your teachers and new friends after the retreat 
  • 6 x Masterclasses are taught every other week as a FB live post so you can interact with your teacher and women from the retreat. These will be recorded and stored on FB so you can rewatch if you can’t make a live call. 
  • Masterclasses happen the first and third Thursday of the month at 19:00 Zürich / 10:00 am Los Angeles
  • Dates of Masterclasses: October 18, November 1, November 15, December 6 and 20, January 3
  • Each Masterclass is 75-minutes which includes new content and time Q + A
  • Each teacher will teach 2 Masterclasses, and there will be 6 x Masterclasses total


Your hosts

BODY taught by Dr. Janna Scharfenberg
Holistic Doctor | Ayurvedic Practitioner | Nutrition & Health Coach | Yoga Teacher
Dr. med. Janna Scharfenberg is a medical doctor with experts in Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine. Furthermore she is a yoga teacher, health coach and nutrition expert. She helps and educates women all over the world to step into their optimal health and live their full vital potential. More on Janna… 

HEART taught by Ashley Paquin
International Life Coach | Mindfulness Teacher
Ashley helps women reclaim a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. She’s joining us all the way from Portland, Oregon in the USA. Her expertise is helping clients transform fear into courage, and create a mindset wired for success. She’s a coach, NLP practitioner and mindfulness teacher. More on Ashley… To read Ashley’s client success stories, click here. 

MIND taught by Zoë Lavender Stuart
Mindful Business Coach | Certified Yoga Teacher
Zoë is a mindful business coach and yoga teacher, based in Zürich, Switzerland. Having worked in marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands, Zoë now focuses on sharing her 10+ years of business experience with passionate wellness entrepreneurs. It’s Zoë’s goal to help them achieve and sustain professional growth while remaining connected to their deeper purpose. More on Zoë…


The Atlantis
Döltschiweg 234, 8055
Zürich, Switzerland

payment details

Early bird investment (for all bookings on or before 15th June 2018) : 2500
Normal Investment (for all bookings after the 15th June) :2850

Payment is due in full at time of booking. If payment in full is not available to you, please email zoe@zoelavenderstuart.com to discuss a payment plan. *All guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodation for the duration of the retreat. Please note that your investment does not include transport or accommodations in Zürich.

Retreat Schedule

Each day is beautifully curated and carefully planned. It’s asked that you’re present and on time for the duration of the retreat. We are very intentional to create a container for our experience, and your full participation is encouraged. Please arrive no later than 18.30 at The Atlantis for Thursday’s dinner, and you’re welcome to leave after 12pm on Sunday. 

Thursday – 10/4
A delightful welcome dinner

Friday and Saturday – 10/5 + 10/6
Full programming

Sunday – 10/7
Closing breakfast at The Atlantis

A sample daily schedule: 

Morning yoga
Teaching + conversation
Free time: spa, swimming, rest
Mindfulness + meditation
Coaching + intuition

Other retreat details

Zürich, Switzerland is easily connected internationally via Zürich international airport. The Atlantis Hotel is located a 40 minute drive from Zürich airport, or 45 minutes via public transport. Zürich is also very well connected via train. Please book train tickets to Zürich Hauptbahnhof. The Atlantis Hotel is 20 minutes from Zürich Hauptbahnhof with public transport.

For those who are choosing to drive to the retreat, there is parking available at the hotel (additional charges apply should you wish to park overnight, please speak directly with the hotel to arrange this if needed).

For those wishing to stay at The Atlantis hotel during the retreat, we have 10 rooms on hold available for your personal booking. Please contact The Atlantis directly and ask for the name of Whole Women – Urban Retreat.

For those who wish to stay elsewhere in Zürich we can recommend the following hotels, or of course there is various options on www.booking.com and AirBnB. Hotels: http://fuerdich.ch/cms/de/pension,  http://www.zumgutenglueck.chhttps://www.25hours-hotels.com/hotels/zuerich/langstrassehttps://www.greulich.chhttps://www.ladysfirst.ch

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available. Thank you for understanding. 


The following meals are included during the retreat:

  • Thursday group dinner (retreat opening)
  • Friday lunch
  • Saturday lunch
  • Sunday group breakfast (retreat closing)


Probably! The Atlantis hotel offers fantastic gourmet Ayurvedic food. If you have special dietary needs or requests, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.


We will have a maximum of 21 participants


Accommodation, transport, Friday and Saturday breakfast, Friday and Saturday dinner, additional activities during rest time (e.g. spa usage at The Atlantis is only available for those staying at the hotel).


Payment is due in full at the time of booking.


Still have a question after reading this entire page? Email us: zoe@zoelavenderstuart.com

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