I help women reclaim a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.


Working with hundreds of women on every continent, I have an intimate look into the minds and hearts of women.

As a international coach and mindfulness teacher, this work has allowed me to identify the top three problems most women face regardless of location, age, race or religion…

Most women don’t feel good or worthy enough to have what the want

A lot of women are really stuck and unsure where to begin

99.9% of women are hungry to know their life’s purpose yet have no idea how to tackle one of life’s biggest questions

How I Can Help You

I’ve devoted my life to helping women masterfully solve these problems:

Not feeling good or worthy enough is the #1 core belief women suffer from. This impacts how you think, act, decide and ask. This is so prominent for women, I consider it an emotional epidemic we face. Often there’s a deep unconscious guilt for wanting the relationship, job, money, baby, freedom etc., and this works against your best efforts.

Together, I’ll help you transform the lack of self-worth and guilt into power, ease and hunger for more.

You probably know deep inside what you want, but perhaps fear keeps you stuck. Maybe you want to transition to something greater but you lack clarity, confidence and a simple action plan forward.

Together, I’ll help you transform any fear into courage and confidence so you can start doing. You’ll learn a specific method to work with fear as the most powerful tool available. You will be clear to start moving through life’s milestones.

Life’s Purpose:
How would you feel if you could clearly sum up your life’s purpose in one simple sentence? Life’s purpose is one of the hardest questions we face, and is so nebulous.

Together, I’ll help you identify who you are and what your life’s purpose is outside of the context of your career. You’ll find your place in yourself and the world. Once you’ve reached that point of clarity, we’ll work for you to then apply this to your job, vocation or career. And yes- you will sum up this clarity in one concise sentence.

In brief, our time together will help you become the woman you admire and long to be. We’ll tend to the inner world (thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, etc) so you’re better equipped to manage your outer world (relationship, job, money, baby, etc.). In doing so, everything shifts for the better.

If you’d like to see how I can help you reclaim a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment, you’re welcome to apply for a no-cost Breakthrough Call to see how I can help you. It’s what I do best.

Because this is your life, not a dress rehearsal.

My coaching is similar to a triangle:

The Foundation is Intuition
It’s clear, concise, exactly what you want and need and the furthest thing from woo woo.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
I believe NLP is the most effective and forward thinking method to change negative habits, limiting beliefs and patterns. Mindset determines success, and this is where most of the work happens- changing your brain. NLP has been called the art and science of excellence, and is like having a user’s manual for the brain.

Mindfulness is about cultivating a deeper relationship with self and what matters most to you. I teach both the science and spirit of meditation, and you’ll learn critical tools to transform stress, overwhelm and anxiety into grace, calm and ease. 

Enchantment and wonder reconnect us back to the natural world. It breaks you out of the everyday rut, and floods your senses with new. As a client you can expect the work to happen in a candlelit château in Paris or a five star hotel in the Portugese outback over conference rooms. Our time together will reinvigorate the senses and deepen one’s sense of self in the world.

If you’d like to see how I can help you reclaim a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment, you’re welcome to apply for a no-cost Fear to Courage Breakthrough Call to see how I can help you. It’s what I do best.


Bio: As a little girl growing up in Miami, I knew I wanted more of what was out there. More language, more culture, more travel. This fierce desire pushed me towards International Studies with the intention of teaching ESL. Life had a different plan. A series of unfortunate events in a very short time span, moved me in the direction of coaching. A bike accident with multiple broken bones and three months of vertigo gave me a lot of time to ask myself hard questions about what I was doing with my life, and how I was going to get there. I wanted to be of service, but the path I was on was not fulfilling. This series of events led me to two people that helped me finally get clear with what I was doing: a former strategist to the Dalai Lama and the White House, and Matt Kahn. From here, life changed and it changed very quickly.

Studies: I’m a health coach, life coach, mindfulness teacher and NLP practitioner. I’ve completed the Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness and Leadership Program born at Google. I’ve studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with Dr. Matt James at Empowerment Partnerships. I’ve completed 13 five-day meditation retreats with Matt Kahn and do the practice every damn day.

I’m committed to maximum positive impact, and helping to heal the hearts and minds of humanity. I live in Oregon with my fiancée. When not coaching, you can find me deep in the woods or on a plane to the next beautiful destination. Care to join? 


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