We spend a lot of time training physical muscles, but why not our attitudinal muscles?

Everyday we’re met with significant situations and news that are downright exhausting, scary and beyond logic. Beyond this, our thoughts and mindset do a lot of good or a lot of harm on our lives, our community and what we want / work for.

Therefore, we’ve got to train our brain/attitude to be able to keep responding rather than just shut down. We’ve got to train the attitudinal muscles so we’re kind, compassionate, steady, clear and grounded. That’s how we’re really going to do good, or keep doing good in life. You know?

In trying my own experiment here’s what is working:

Less and less social media

Prayers, reading, meditation and walking outside before turning on the phone or opening email in the morning. Period. End of story.

A simple writing practice with breakfast which includes a daily intention, what I’m grateful for, what I’m doing right, what I want more of. (At first, finding things you’re doing right is an odd thing. You will get used to it)

Prayers before bed.

A 1:1 session with Matt Kahn (good lord almighty)

Hypnosis to help process the fear of public speaking because bigger opportunities are showing up that is for sure.

Ending each work day by seeing what I did do, who I did serve, what transformations did occur and what I’m excited about.

Artist: Ellsworth Kelly

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