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Private Coaching for the Passionate Woman

As a private client, we’ll spend six months doing the most transformational inner work so you’re free to create, make and further become the woman you want in life, love and business.

Our time together will help you identity what I call your North Star: who you are, what you want, why, what’s getting in the way and how you’re going to get there. We’ll finally transform the limiting beliefs and habits into empowered thought and action so you’re free. You’ll also learn my signature method that has helped hundreds of women transform fear into courage, choice and confidence. This tool will support you six months or six years from now. 

I work within the context of your life and consider your unique ecology as a way to set you up for inevitable success. Here are many examples of the radical and beautiful transformations that are possible when you say yes. 

Our time together is simple in structure yet powerful in nature.
Limited to five clients per month. 

What’s included:

  • Six months with me as your professional best friend. (Client’s words, not mine)
  • A coach committed to your success and freedom.
  • Twelve 50-minute coaching sessions. We speak on the phone or Skype every other week.
  • You’ll be invited into the private Facebook group where you’ll meet the global community you’ve been asking for. 
  • You’re invited as my guest to local events I curate. There are many events online, offline, near and far.

To begin, book a no-cost strategy session. After you book your session, you’ll be directed to a simple application. 

Click here book a strategy session

This powerful 45-minute strategy session is a coaching session so you can experience how I work, and we can see if we’re a good match. I look forward to it! 


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