Being an empath means you feel your way through life.⠀
Not only are you feeling your way through your own life, but you’re feeling your way through everyone’s life.⠀

Most days are totally exhilarating and wild. ⠀
Some days are completely exhausting and confusing.⠀


1. Intuition requires psychic space to become clearer and stronger which is why hours on social media is a NO. ⠀

2. What you’re feeling isn’t always yours. Sounds nuts and it’s true.⠀

3. If intuition is turning ON then yes, you are losing your mind. What you’re losing is your logical mind and in place expanding your intuitive/all-knowing mind.⠀

4. If you’re really ready to party with intuition, create more time for quiet and stillness. You will have a direct line to Source and most answers you need are totally available to you – if you listen. ⠀

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