I am so tired of hearing people agonize over not knowing their life’s purpose. I get it as I have certainly been there, and enough already. If I ever do a TEDx, it will be on this topic.

And, there’s a writer named Alex that nailed the subject with one article. Please read it if you’re searching like most people are.

Your Life’s Purpose

And this article is too good not to share–

You Can Make Excuses or You Can Make Progress

And my take…

Your purpose in life is to live a purposeful life. Your purpose won’t be found in a job, career or fat bank account. People who have those things are still searching I can tell you that. That’s why they hire me.

Your life’s purpose is about you showing up everyday and doing good for yourself and others. It’s about you living with purpose and gusto whatever you’re doing.

If you’re a barista- be a damn good human doing it.
If you’re a doctor- be a damn good human doing it.
If you’re a mom, be a damn good human doing it. That’s it.

If you loathe your job, then hire a career coach and go do something else. Anything else. For your sanity. Please.

In service to your freedom.

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