2019 Women’s Workshops: 

October 3 – 5, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re interested in joining women from around the world for a highly transformative workshop, book a chat here.

Our focus during these three days: clarity as to where you currently are in life and business, understanding where you want and need to go, then three days closing the gap between the two.

Past locations: Paris, Lisbon, Zürich, Portland, Oregon (USA).

Spring 2020: Palm Springs, California

Fall 2020: Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re interested in hiring me to speak, or if you’re wanting a custom workshop, please reach out. I’m also available for hire if you wish to take an already planned (yoga or wellness) retreat to a whole new level by adding deeper conversations, self-development and transformation. Topics I teach on: life’s purpose that has nothing to do with your career, the guilt of wanting more, fear, how to actually build self-worth etc. Send a note and say hello! 

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