Just three years ago I was working part-time at a local grocery store stocking produce at an ungodly hour in the morning. ⠀

It was a breaking point for me as to whether or not I could pull off running my own business. It was a time when I avoided friends because I was ashamed at how hard things actually were trying to build a business. This experience was THE match to a wild fire. I knew had the dream, but this showed me my conviction, drive and muscle to push through. ⠀

Not having a plan B, a man to save me, a pile of cash or trust fund was what pushed me forward to finally jump. It worked. ⠀

As 2017 is soon to come to a close, and plans are being built for 2018, there’s a lot to be grateful for. ⠀

Working with hundreds of clients all over the world is what has sharpened my skills as a coach. I’ve been quietly doing the work from a home office helping women find the deepest freedom imaginable. ⠀

Freedom from fear⠀
Freedom from eating disorders⠀
Freedom from believing they’re not worthy enough⠀
Freedom from thinking they can’t, won’t or shouldn’t⠀
Freedom from shame, pain and lack of confidence⠀
Freedom from the victim mentality ⠀

There’s been tremendous amounts of success, and it’s time to pivot. It’s time to take everything learned and turn it into the next offering to serve the world. It’s time to reach as many people as possible and quit hiding behind a computer screen. It’s time to travel and break bread together. The last handful of years have made given me the time and experience to become a master coach. ⠀

It’s now time for the work to be about you, your story and your returning home. It’s time to bridge the global network of women (and men), and create the most badass community of people working together. It’s time to rewrite the story. ⠀

Life, I am yours. Use me for the highest will of all. 2018, bring it.

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