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It’s the thing that has been missing for months. I could point my finger at all sorts of things like politics, the threatened environment, refugees, racial tension, hate crime and so much more. Very serious matters without a doubt, that can strip anyone of joy. ⠀

But here’s the thing… 

If we’re not being fed by the stuff that makes us feel alive, capable and anchored, how good are we to show up and serve the world? How are we meant to lead others to do good, if we’re not leading ourselves in the same way? ⠀

So in honor of a world that is clearly going through massive transition, I declare to find simple ways to bring up the joy so giving/doing/making/helping can happen frequently and with more intensity.

Are you in?

It’s the only way I personally can see through this, because playing a martyr will serve no one, especially now. Does it feel selfish knowing the real suffering happening in the world? Yes, but I declare to do good in every way possible and it takes joy to light that match. 

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