Love is the fragrance of admiration lingering throughout experiences. It is a gravitational force that brings us together to discover something deeper, even when we think there’s nothing left to uncover.

Love is a song of invincibility that plays in every heart, no matter how many times it seems to be shattered. It is an echo of shared laughter introducing friendship in the most unlikely of places.

Love is the capability of grace that can reduce the harshest and most skeptical minds into a whirlwind of innocent joy.

Love is a celebration of equality appearing as a play of contrast and comparison. It is the battle cry of an unguarded heart, a call of redemption for the misunderstood, and the light of unity illuminating every shadow in sight.

Love is the answer to any question; once a question is recognized as a fearless request to plants seeds of harmony in every heart. – Matt Kahn

Artist //: Auguste Rodin

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