September 20 – 23

Lagos, Portugal

 Women. Becoming.

Women. Becoming. is about women becoming what they’re destined to be.

My joy is to help welcome you back home to yourself in the deepest way possible. You’re then are able to create, make and be who you want in life, love and business. This Gathering is for you if you’re ready to trade fear, doubt, lack of clarity and self-worth for certainty, confidence and courage.

The Experience

Lagos, Portugal is our playground for the 4-day adventure. Our space, Casa Mae, is a stunning hotel five minutes from the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve region of Portugal. This centrally located property also includes a beautiful 1.7 acre organic vegetable garden to enjoy. 

Our time together will be immersed in natural beauty. Your senses will come alive by our space and the work itself.

The work we’ll do together will include these 3 pillars of transformation:

The Three Pillars

Intuitive Coaching

The Gathering includes conversations, journaling and coaching designed to help you become more clear, confident and courageous. With my expertise, you’ll transform perceived obstacles, fear and limiting beliefs into empowered thought and action in a way that is simple and enjoyable so you’re finally free. 

Mindfulness & meditation

Mindfulness is simply paying attention and cultivating a deeper sense of kindness and curiosity. You’ll use meditation as a tool to help develop a more loving, kind and peaceful relationship to self and others. Mindfulness also helps build the attitudinal muscles of trust, self-worth and commitment.


Adventure, enchantment and wonder are very important to the work. Not only is it fun, but it gets us out of our ruts and daily routines. Expect to be wonderfully and pleasantly surprised by simple experiences that will awaken and renew the senses and one’s sense of self in the world.

Benefits of this life-changing experience

  • Become the clear, confident and courageous woman you’re searching for
  • Discover your North Star: who you want to become, what you want, why, and leave with a simple map to get you there
  • Learn the Women. Becoming. method to transform any fear into courage and choice
  • Learn the basics to creating a simple and lasting mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Gain deeper clarity as to what your life’s purpose is, and walk away with one sentence that sums this up
  • Meet wonderful women from around the world so you no longer feel alone

Working with Ashley has been one of the best investments, if not THE best investment of my life.

The coaching and support I receive from her have confirmed on the right path in life. Everything in my life has improved for the better because of our coaching- my business, relationship, self-worth, confidence- everything.

Ute Klingelhöfer : Founder of Contentwerk | Germany

Before working with Ashley, I felt like I had lost my compass in life and was deeply frustrated. Since working with her, I’ve gained so much clarity. I finally have real tools to help me to get through challenging times. I feel like I made a huge jump in my own personal development and that, piece by piece, I’m becoming the person I want and am meant to be.

Conni Biesalski : Founder of Planet Backpack | Nomad


This Gathering is right for some, and not right for others. This is right for you if you’re a passionate and professional woman who wants a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want and a clear path to make happen. This is right for you if you want to make a positive difference in the world. This is right for you if you’re looking for practical and life-changing tools to help you become more clear, confident and courageous six months or six years from now. This is right for you if you’re ready for a mindset that’s geared towards success so it’s easier to execute and do what you need to do.

This is not right for you if you’re unwilling to do the work and would rather complain. This is not right for you if you’re fine feeling stuck and in the same spot this time next year. This is not right for you if you’d rather stay shut down and fearful.

What’s included in your experience

  • A life changing experience with life coach and mindfulness teacher, Ashley Paquin
  • Four days of teaching, coaching and experiences all designed to help you become the woman you want
  • A global community of women from all over the world that are kind and supportive
  • Fun, joy and laughter because that’s who we do this
  • Morning yoga class and daily meditations
  • Lunch and dinner prepared by Casa Mae with organic food from their garden
  • A closing dinner ceremony to celebrate you and your transformation
  • A private Facebook group to connect with your fellow sisters
  • Daily swims in the beautiful sea & options to explore the secrets of Western Algarve
  • A guest ticket to the opening mindfulness class on Tuesday 9/19 to meet each other and the Lagos community

Your host

I am your host, Ashley Paquin.

As a coach and mindfulness teacher, I am committed to maximum positive impact. I work with private clients all over the world in addition to non-profits and companies like Nike. I live in Portland, Oregon and spend an absurd amount of time paddling and exploring.

I am a trained life coach, health coach, NLP practitioner and graduate of Search Inside Yourself which is the mindfulness and leadership training at Google. I am very committed to my own mindfulness practice and have completed nine 5-day meditation retreats.

payment details

Investment: $1,397

Payment is due in full. If that is truly not available to you, please email info@ashleypaquin.com and we’ll see what we can do to make it work.

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive a welcome email with a few more details. We will need yours answers to help guide our decisions around food, etc. Thank you.

Other details

Lagos, Portugal is in the southwestern coast of gorgeous Portugal. Casa Mae is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Lisbon airport, and a 50-minute drive to the Faro airport.

Your ticket includes everything as stated above. Your ticket does not include lodging or airfare.

VRBO (the better option it seems) and Airbnb are great options to find beautiful and affordable lodging. Casa Mae has limited availability and you’re welcome to inquire with them directly.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll be added to the private Facebook group to connect with the other women if you’d like to share lodging. You are responsible for all lodging and flight logistics.

Our meeting space is on the grounds of the Casa Mae. I’ve secured their conference room and yoga space for our private use. Casa Mae will also provide us a nourishing organic lunch and dinner with refreshments.


Casa Mae
Rua do Jogo da Bola, nº 41
Lagos, Portugal

Gathering Schedule

Each day is beautifully curated and carefully planned. It’s asked that you’re present and on time for the duration of the gathering. I am very intentional to create a container for our experience, and your full participation is highly encouraged.

All guest need to be at Casa Mae, Wednesday 9/20/17 no later than 10:00am for check-in.
We will be finished with our gathering on Saturday 9/23/17 at 8:00pm.

I’m hosting a special mindfulness & meditation class Tuesday 9/19 and you’re welcome as my guest if you’re attending the Gathering. Class is from 5:30 – 7:00pm. We’ll have drinks in the lounge afterwards if you wish.

A sample daily schedule: 

Morning yoga
Teaching + conversation
Free time: adventuring, swimming, SUP, rest
Mindfulness + meditation
Coaching + intuition

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available. Due to the short time frame, and the expense of traveling overseas to be with you, refunds are not available. Thank you for understanding.

Please make sure you know your hotel and airline’s cancellation policies before you book your travel. We are not responsible for the cost of your travel cancellation fees.


Unless your loding is at Casa Mae, all questions will be answered through us. Please email info@ashleypaquin.com and we’re happy to help. Please read this thoroughly before emailing as it will answer most questions.