If you feel alone and defeated, there’s still a place for you.
If you feel scared and unsure, there’s still a place for you.
If you feel unclear and impatient, there’s still a place for you.
If you feel like you’re just doing the same thing over and over, there’s still a place for you.
If you feel like you’ll never hit the goal, there’s still a place for you.

I’ve had many conversations with clients and potential clients this week, and I’m humbled and reminded just how hard the human journey is. It’s hard for all of us, myself included.

As if our own journey wasn’t enough, there’s the world/politics/environment.

I know you want more for yourself. I do. You have dreams and hopes to become something bigger and brighter. I hear you.

I want more for myself too. Funny, but earlier this week I had the worst conversation with myself. My inner dictator was trying to convince me (and still is) that I’m not doing enough. I didn’t launch enough, I didn’t get enough followers, I didn’t get PR, I didn’t launch X, Y or Z course blah blah blah.

And here’s the thing–

What I did do was fucking powerful. What I did try, worked. Where I did jump, I found deeper faith. Where I made hard decisions, I was rewarded. Where I was hungry, I was fed. Where I needed, I was given. Where I wasn’t sure, I asked and received. Where I was shaky, I slowed down and sat.

And, we live in a culture where numbers and like buttons apparently define value. We live in a culture of hearts and notifications. We live in a culture that finds worth in statistics and on screen in front of us.

So here’s how I’m pushing back and I invite you to do the same:

If you want to believe in yourself, step away from the computer.
If you want to trust and rest in what you’re doing right, pick up a daily practice.
If you want to feel alive, go outside.
If you want to feel free, joyful and like you’re being used for the highest reasons, then you have to start making some good hard choices.

And as you may or may not noticed- I’ve been very quiet on social media these days.

Aside from being very busy, it just hasn’t been doing my head good. It’s triggering me in a ways I don’t like so I’ve pulled back.

So here’s a reminder in spite of this all:

Worthiness, confidence, love, joy and freedom is a holy journey that requires your will, conviction and commitment. If you want to feel a certain way, you have to work for it. You don’t just wake up feeling worthy, confident and clear. You don’t. And you’re certainly not going to find it on social media. You have to spend time building these attitudinal muscles each and every day- that’s what a mindfulness practice is. There’s no real way to feel good other than doing the work, especially when emotions shift at the drop of a dime.

If you want to go deeper on the topic of how to act even if you’re afraid, unsure etc. please read this book. It is SO simple and powerful.

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